What's Your Why?

Over the course of the last two years, I have had quite the journey with eating healthy and exercising regularly. I was a competitive dancer all through high school until a knee injury took me out, but aside from that, I have never been all that active. I managed to have my weight fluctuate up and down substantially all while my body image did the exact same thing.

I knew I had to be healthy for my son from the moment I found out I was pregnant. I wanted him to know what an active lifestyle looked like. I wanted him to grow up on more than meat and potatoes, but healthy veggies too. I wanted him to grow up differently than far too many kiddos do today, inactive and living off of junk food and processed grains. So, in that, I decided to join Fit4Mom and make healthy living a lifestyle, and it has really grown.

My "Why" is my son. He is the reason I get up and get to class each day. He's the reason I go for runs during the week. He's the reason I don't get tired all the time and why we make healthy choices. He's my Why. What's your motivation for being a fit mom?