What I Do Know

After spending the last five days with my adult children, I was happily reminded that as young parents, my husband and I didn’t know what the heck we were doing! However, we must have done something right. I am so proud and pleased at the way my children have developed into responsible adults…we must have done something right. Here’s what I do know…

1. As a parent, you get great satisfaction when your oldest son lectures your daughter on tattoos. Here’s the conversation between Justin (23) and Courtney (18):

C: I am going to get a tattoo.

J: Just make sure whatever you get has meaning and is something that you are able to cover up. But before you get it, I want you to write me a paragraph on what you are going to get, where you are going to get it, the meaning behind the tattoo and how you are going to respond if someone asks you about your tattoo.

C: Do you want that typed? Double spaced?

2. Wisdom comes with age. This was heard coming straight from the mouth of a 23 year old!

3. You can still have “game night” with your kids, no matter what the age.

4. You can still laugh until tears run down your face and your stomach is in knots!

5. We can still laugh like middle-schoolers when someone farts. See #4.

6. It breaks your heart when your five year old boy is too old for hugs in public; but melts your heart when he bear hugs you in public at 23!

7. I AM SORRY are words that can change not only a single situation, but a life.

8. You can never hear enough I LOVE YOU’s.

9. I can cry at almost every childhood memory; this blog is a testament to that.

10. But above all else, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is the single most important ingredient in any family.

Let your LOVE show every second of the day.