The Little Things

Today was a very busy day. Actually, this week has been pretty jam-packed, and considering it's only Tuesday, that's saying a lot. Considering I have to work three days this week, I have to really make my time with my toddler very intentional. I have to make sure that I'm present while we're playing, and putting my phone on silent in the other room. I need to take the time to focus on him. I've noticed this pattern when it comes with the discipline issues we've been dealing with. There are more tantrums on days when I work and so I have to be very intentional to give Jack 100% of my attention on those days.

Tonight, as I was giving him a bath, we were singing songs and playing and making a huge mess in the water. As much as I wished that half the water wasn't out of the bathtub, the laughter that was going on was well worth it. Same goes with bed time. Normally, we read two or three books. Tonight, we read four. Then we snuggled and sang. But, I realized that he will not always want to cuddle with me before bed. He won't always want to make messes with me. So tonight, as I'm exhausted and ready to head to bed, I'm embracing the little things and challenging you to also. Enjoy those moments when they want just one more book, or to build one more tower.