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The Great Birthday Party Debate

So, Baby J is almost 2. His birthday is June 16th and just recently, I have decided that we are actually going to have a birthday party for him this year. Short notice is always fun, right?

Last year, his birthday was quite the event. I spent MONTHS planning for it, but he was 1, so obviously I needed to, right? Well, lots of my friends told me I was insane for inviting close to 70 (yes, including kids...) people to his birthday party and just about running myself ragged by trying to make everything "perfect". The invention of Pinterest has been both a blessing and a curse in this way. I was determined to make his birthday fun and creative, but I also wanted it to be just like those "Pinterest Birthdays" that make me want to be a perfect mommy, hostess, cook, and wife all while toning my abs and crafting.

I was determined that this year was NOT going to be like that since last year just about killed me, but then I made the guest list. Again, 70ish people. AHHHHHHH! In case you were wondering, I have a HUGE family and we are very involved at our church, so we have a very large circle of people that we'd want to invite. We finally settled on having a small, splash pad birthday with donuts (so healthy, right?) for the kids in our family, and then having an open house style birthday for our immediate family and super close friends. So, here we go with planning again.

The theme is a baseball, choo-choo, airplane, snowman, blue theme. It's what Baby J wants. We'll see how this year goes, but my question to you all is this, what do you do for birthdays? For summer birthdays, where do you have parties? How big is too big? How much "Pinterest" is too much? When do birthday parties REALLY matter? Or do they at all? Any advice is much appreciated on this Great Birthday Party Debate.