Rest. It is such a hard word for us to really embrace as moms, even though we so desperately look forward to the time of day when our little ones stop to do that very thing. Why is it that resting is so hard for us? Why do we feel the need to go, go, and go some more and only stop to take a moment for a deep breath when we have an "excuse" to rest?

I know that for me, I have to be sick or hurt to stop and rest. Otherwise, the to-do list will continue to grow and grow and grow. However, recently, I have been trying to take 30-45 minutes of each day and stop to read a book or take a little nap, just do something relaxing for me. And you know what I found when I did that? I found that my patience increased and I was more willing to play with Jack when he woke up from a nap.

So, my challenge to you this week is take some time to rest. Relax, watch trashy reality tv (anyone else???), put your feet up, read a book, do something for you. It'll make us all better moms if we start taking care of ourselves too. We know that the to-do lists can wait.