New Year, New Start

Does anyone else feel like the holidays came and went in the blink of an eye? This was my first year that I have experienced that feeling and I think it was due to the fact that I had a job in retail, a toddler, and we opted to host Christmas dinner this year. Once the New Year came, I was kind of surprised that it was already January of 2014.

As I've started this New Year, I have decided that instead of setting resolutions, I am going to set a theme for the year. My theme is to choose joy and love well. I've always struggled with being a fairly negative person and often times, spend way too much time focusing on myself, so this year, I have chosen to choose joy and love well each and every day.

What this means is that I am going to try to break the habit of being negative all the time and in those moments where it'd be really easy to focus on what's going wrong, I will choose to be thankful and realize that it's not as bad as it could be.

I'm also choosing to love the people in my life well. For me, that means being intentional with my son. Making sure I spend lots of quality time with him, making time for my husband, and giving back to the community by volunteering with Young Life. I want to make others know that they are important to me and so I am choosing to love well. That meant a change for me as well, as I just quit my retail job so that I could have some more flexibility to be home with my son.

I love New Year's because it means that we get a fresh start. I am hoping that choosing a theme this year and focusing it towards joy and love will really help me to embrace all the blessings in my life instead of focusing on goals that I will never achieve. What's your theme this year?"