Mom-ME Time!

Before having kids, I never felt guilty about doing something for myself. I would frequently get pedicures, go out with friends, and spend money on things like clothes and Starbucks. I always made time for me. I was a very important part of my life. When we had Baby J, all of that shifted. It shifted partially due to the fact that we went from two incomes to one, and partially because there was just no dang time. I didn't have time or energy to devote to myself.

As you all know from this blog, I fell into a depression at one point and came to the realization with a counselor and some good friends, that I needed to be a priority again. That's when I joined Fit4Mom. Above and beyond making an hour for myself each day to exercise and take care of my body, I've also made an effort to do things that I enjoy. Sometimes those include Baby J and my hubby, and sometimes, those things don't include them.

For a long time, I would feel guilty for taking time for myself. I thought being a mom meant sacrifice. I thought it meant that I didn't love my child as much as other mommies because I needed time alone. Being that Baby J is almost 2, it's taken me this long to determine that it's OK, even HEALTHY, to have time to myself to do things for me. By making myself a priority, I'm making my family a priority. I'm staying sane, and therefore that means less frustration, yelling, and a lot more patience. It's a good thing for everyone. So, that being said, this weekend I'm heading to Disneyland without a toddler or a husband, just with some girlfriends, and I'm not feeling one bit guilty. I'm looking forward to coming home refreshed and ready to tackle next week with my toddler. This weekend, I hope you go do something for yourself too. We all deserve a little ME time.