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Meet Our Featured Mom, Catherine

This month we wanted to highlight a very special mom in Our Village. As a breast cancer survivor, she is an inspirational model of beauty, courage, and strength. When she is with her son it is overwhelmingly obvious that she was destined to be his mother and whenever I see them together I am reminded of the battle she fought to get to where she needed to be. We are so very honored to have Catherine (Cath) Taplin as part of our Chandler-Gilbert FIT4MOM family, and we would love to share a little bit about her with you today.

Cath has been an active member of FIT4MOM of Chandler & Gilbert since May, 2014. Although this beautiful momma certainly has her hands full with a toddler and a full-time executive career, she makes the time to join us for Stroller Strides classes with her son, Benjamin. We are excited to also get to spend a few evenings each week with her since she just started her first Body Back session as well! Please take a moment to get to know Cath, I have a feeling you'll fall in love with her too!

Hometown (where you grew up): Perth, Western Australia

Where you live now: Gilbert, Arizona

Education: I studied in Australia and completed a Bachelor’s degree in Economics (majoring in Human Resources and Industrial Relations), followed by an MBA with an organizational leadership specialty.

Members of your Family: Just the three of us – husband Andrew and son, Benjamin.

What are your absolute favorite things to do with Ben: At the moment we love going to the park and just being silly. My favorite time is coming home after work and “B” climbs up into my lap and we read stories and have cuddles.

Current Career: I am an HR Director, currently looking after Global Learning - I’ve been fortunate to work for the same company for 18 years and worked in various Human Resource roles. I love being in an HR Business Partner role and being very operationally focused or working in the Talent management area and working on programs to develop the future talent of our organization.

Share something about yourself that makes you unique. I’ve traveled and worked in a lot of countries. So far I’ve lived on 4 continents and worked in 5 different countries – I’ve loved the opportunities that my job has brought me to see different places and cultures and make friendships all around the world.

What does motherhood mean to you? Motherhood means so much, but in particular it has meant amazing pride, happiness and fulfillment and adventure into the unknown. It has meant letting go of lots of things, embracing risk and managing a host of emotions.

What has Stroller Strides done for you (or meant to you)? Stroller Strides has helped me in so many ways. The two most important things it has done for me – helping me to get out there and exercise while having some fun and it has meant I’ve been able to meet so many wonderful friends and friends for Benjamin. It truly is a village.

What is your favorite exercise? Is there such a thing? I think my instructors would say talking!

Is there any exercise that you dread? Jacks – need I say more, I’ve had a baby…..

What is your proudest moment? Was the birth of our wonderful baby boy after struggling to get pregnant (having had breast cancer at 25), and undergoing treatment that put a hold on some of our “having a family” plans. I am proud every day seeing him grow and develop and explore the world with gusto.

What are three of your favorite things (besides your family!)? Travel, volunteering (I’ve loved being a Girl Scout/Brownie leader for many years), time with girlfriends – just chatting and sipping a glass of wine.

If we asked your husband what your best qualities are, what would he say? I thought it was easiest to ask him – though it took him awhile to respond! Committed mommy and wife, super organized and willing to give anything a go.

What advice would you give to moms looking to get back into shape? If you’re worried about childcare, how to get back in to shape or how you will even fit it into your day - don’t give it a second thought, join stroller strides and enjoy exercising outdoors, spending time with your little ones and making wonderful friends who will motivate you to get into shape without even realizing it.