Keeping Baby Busy

Are these long, summer days getting to anyone else yet? We are ready for fall here! I know that with my wiggly little toddler, he's getting sick of being stuck indoors for a good chunk of the day and we are looking for fun things to get out and do, other than our Fit4Mom classes.

Something fun that we've done recently is the Sea Life Aquarium at Arizona Mills Mall. For those of you with kiddos at home, this is an awesome activity for the day! It's air-conditioned, which is always a huge plus, and there are lots of interactive activities for older kids. I absolutely love taking Baby J to the aquarium because he is so mesmerized by the fish and all the sea creatures. I always make sure to NOT take the stroller though since there is so much to touch and play with there for little ones who walk.

Another awesome idea, aside from the local splash pads, is the Phoenix Children's Museum. I took Baby J here a few weeks ago and he LOVED it. If you haven't been here, they have a ton of different "rooms" where little ones can run and interact with the displays. If you have little, little ones who don't walk quite yet, they have "Baby Areas" in each "room" as well, making this a great option for families. Also, if you didn't know, they offer classes too! We went to a "Math Before You Can Count" class and it was full of music, sensory toys, and learning. It's not an extra cost, so if you pay to get in, you can go to the classes. Even though it's a little further away from Chandler and Gilbert, it's definitely worth the drive to check out!

We have also been known to go to the local pet store and wander around. It's like the cheap version of the aquarium or the zoo. Little ones can look at the reptiles, rodents, and fish. Sometimes, if you're lucky, they'll have an adoption and the kids can also look at the dogs and cats too!

In the event that you are stuck at home, homemade playdough, cloud dough, or sensory bins can be made quickly with items around your house and will keep kids entertained for quite awhile. You can also add some food coloring to milk, and let kids "paint" some bread and then toast it for a fun, colorful snack that they've helped to create. Does anyone else have any fun things to do indoors as we come to the end of summer? We're always looking for new ideas, so let us know! :) "