Continuing my Health Journey; Clean Eating for 30-Days

As of lately, I’ve really taken notice of just how addicted I am to sugar, carbs, grains, and the like. I didn’t even realize just how bad it was until I cut it all out for all of a week. My goal was to make it 40 days for Lent. I lasted all of a week. Maybe a little less. I’m not sure because once I failed, I didn’t even care. Even though I've tried to eat healthier since Baby J's arrival, I've still managed to be super addicted to sugar. I've always had a vision of being a healthy, active mom and even though I've definitely been making strides towards that, I've failed when it comes to the food department.

Food has been a source of many things for me. It’s been a source of comfort, angst, pain, and joy. I’ve been able to move past seeing food as a true enemy and found joy in eating and enjoying company around a dinner table. I use food as a crutch. I use it as a means for comfort when I’m stressed out (which is all too often, and typically, that means a trip to the freezer for some ice cream or chocolate chips, which obviously isn't the healthiest of choices. I want to be able to show my son (and future children) what healthy choices look like.

That being said, recently, I’ve gotten into working out, running, and doing yoga as a means to make me feel better, and it does. It’s amazing and I feel so good on days when I get to workout and run and really take care of my body. However, in spite of my somewhat newly found love of working out and endorphins, I still haven’t managed to drastically change my diet to reflect that. So, as a means of desperation, I am turning to Whole 30.

What is Whole 30 might you ask? Well, the short version is Whole 30 is a way of eating for 30 days to help target things that may be causing me to be more tired, bloated, and emotional, to name just a few things. I'll eliminate dairy, grains, legumes, sugar (both natural and artificial), soy, alcohol, processed foods, and corn in an effort to really get rid of sugar addictions, help change my body and mindset when it comes to eating. I’m still about 15-20 lbs. over my “ideal weight” and even though I’ve lost 65-70 (depending on the day…), I’d still like to be healthier and make better food choices. I don’t want food to have control over me. I don't want it to be a source of comfort, I want it to be a source of nourishment. It'll also be a bonus that I lose a little bit of weight.

So, starting Monday, May 5th, I'll be doing a Whole 30. I’ll be sticking to a whole foods diet consisting of high-quality meats, seafood, vegetables, a little bit a fruit and a whole lot of willpower. Oh yeah, I’m also NOT allowed to weigh myself or count calories for the duration of the 30 days. This MIGHT be the hardest part for me since I’m obsessed with MyFitnessPal app. But alas, I start next Monday. Wish me luck and if you’ve done a Whole 30 before, PLEASE give me your tips and tricks to get over the cravings. I've heard that they get bad around 3-4:00 pm in the afternoon.