Our Team

Hi, I'm Rebecca and momma bear to Renner (4), Rylan (6), and stepmom to Andrew (17). I fell in love with FIT4MOM in 2009 while attending Stroller Strides classes while pregnant with my son. I absolutely love the sense of community and the common goals of friendship and fitness that this group shares. FIT4MOM truly is a "Village" of moms who find sisterhood during their journey through motherhood. Far too often I hear women say how FIT4MOM "saved" them, just by having a place to go each day where everyone can readily understand the challenges and ups and downs of being a mom. The awesome bonus is getting a great workout with a crew of amazing women and children alongside you.

I graduated from Arizona State University with a BSD in Architecture and Urban Development, and went on to work in real estate development and teach courses at Arizona State University, resigning from both when motherhood became my number one priority. I am an Army officer in the Arizona Army National Guard, where I've served for over 23 years, and much of my desire for fitness stems from the rigor and challenges I found in the military. As a mom working outside of the home (because, let's not forget that ALL moms are working moms) I realized the complexities and importance of balance between family, healthy lifestyle, faith, and careers for some; and I am passionate about nurturing that experience for all mothers alike. I have a true desire to help women be the absolute healthiest, best versions of themselves that they can and am incredibly excited to provide that to moms throughout Chandler and Gilbert.


Jessie became a member of FIT4MOM after attending her first Stroller Strides class in June of 2013 when her daughter, Lillian, was just 12 weeks old. She immediately fell in love with the idea of becoming physically fit while her daughter was watching and being enveloped by the incredible support and friendship of the other moms in the FIT4MOM Village. Even though she was active in her youth playing sports and competing in her high school colorguard, she has felt like she has been struggling with her weight and body image since puberty. Upon becoming a member, Jessie found a passion for fitness and living a healthy lifestyle which led to her losing 90 pounds during her first 16 months! Her transformation put her in the best physical shape of her life and was the driving force behind her desire to become a certified Stroller Strides/Fit4Baby Instructor.

Jessie graduated summa cum laude from ASU in 2011, earning her degree in elementary education. She taught 5th grade for two years before becoming a stay at home mom. Now she is the loving mother to Lillian (Mar. 2013) and Desmond (Nov. 2015). She enjoys reading, crafting, playing games, listening to music, surrounding herself in nature, and aspires to writing a novel someday. Jessie is also our Captain of Fun and has wonderfully served the moms and kiddos in Our Village for the past 3+ years. We are so excited to see her expanding her role and becoming an instructor for FIT4MOM Chandler & Gilbert.

Lizzie is mom to Mackenzie (2 1/2) and Luke (10 weeks). She's been a FIT4MOM client since 2014 when her daughter was 6 months old, and fell in love with the program and the friendships she and her daughter made. Lizzie is a true athlete and enjoys getting as sweaty as possible at classes with the grace of a ballerina and the stamina of an Olympian! Lizzie has an extensive dance background and she attended Arizona State University on an academic water polo scholarship, graduating in 2006 with Bachelor's in Special Education. She also holds Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education Certifications. Lizzie married her "college sweetheart", Dave in 2007 and taught Special Education for 6 years and Kindergarten for 2 years before becoming a stay at home mom, which she says is her absolute favorite job of all!

Lizzie love that her kids are Stroller Strides kids and her heart melts when Mackenzie plays "workout." She can't wait to share her passion for fitness with our Chandler & Gilbert FIT4MOM Village.

Sarah is our superstar mom to 3 fun kiddos, Maddox, Scarlett and Colbie. She's a rockstar team member and we love having her on board as a certified fitness instructor for Stroller Strides classes throughout Chandler and Gilbert. Sarah's been crushing Stroller Strides workouts with all 3 kiddos in tow with a smile on her face and a hustle in her step every day! She's participated in Body Back where she exceeded all of her goals and found herself in the best shape of her life. She strives for perfection in everything she does and loves a challenging workout, you'll get nothing less than the best from Sarah and we're so proud to have her on the team!


McCall is the mom of three crazy kiddos - Addison (4), Taylor (3), and Jack (1). She joined FIT4MOM in 2014, after moving to Arizona from out-of-state. Though she initially joined for the benefit of being able to bring her baby along while she exercised, she quickly felt the strong bond of moms working toward a common goal and loved being able to relate to others going through the ups and downs of motherhood. McCall loves that FIT4MOM allows mothers to be positive role models to their babies, while also providing friendships, fun, and fitness!

McCall went to Utah Valley University on a dance scholarship and graduated in 2010 with a degree in School Health Education. She taught middle school health for a couple years before taking time off to be a stay-at-home mom. McCall has a strong dance background, being trained in many styles from latin ballroom to ballet. Her favorite FIT4MOM format is Stroller Barre, which has elements that pull from these techniques. McCall also teaches a super fun, high-energy format called HIGH Fitness, which you may see on the schedule from time-to-time. McCall has a passion for fitness and this amazing "Village." She truly believes that FIT4MOM improves ALL dimensions of health (physical, mental, social) and she can't wait to share it with you!


Emily is mom to Pearl (March '14) and a FIT4MOM groupie. She became a Stroller Strides member in Carlsbad, San Diego, when Pearl was six months old. Emily was the first among her friends to become a mom, and she was desperate for a village. She was hooked after the first class! Not only did she find the village she was looking for, but FIT4MOM gave her the strength for motherhood, lessened her postpartum anxiety and depression, and helped her settle into her new role as a mom.

A year later, Emily and her family moved to Tacoma, WA, where she purchased a FIT4MOM franchise. During the next year and a half, Emily taught Stroller Strides, FIT4BABY, and Body Back. Her passion kept growing and she opened a second location in Gig Harbor, WA. Emily was able to give back and help new moms, just like FIT4MOM in San Diego did for her. It was her dream come true.
Now, having relocated to Gilbert, she's excited to continue instructing and reaching more mamas! This is truly her love and passion, and she can't wait to share it with you.

My name is Michelle Kasel and I am a FIT4MOM Stroller Strides, Fit4Baby and Body Back instructor. I am a boy mom to Jacob (4 years old) and Gavin (1 years old). My Fit4Mom journey started in the summer of 2012 when my husband was promoted within his company to Mansfield, Texas. We packed up our 18 month old, our dog and our Chandler, AZ home and made the move to Dallas, TX. I quite my job and knew that the first thing I would need to do in this new place was find friends, MOMMY FRIENDS! After searching online I stumbled upon the meet-up play group associated with Fit4Mom and within a week, we attended our first play group. The next morning I attended our first Stroller Strides class and we absolutely fell in love!

I've been into wellness my entire life, playing basketball and track & field all through middle school and high school and I went to Arizona State University to Pole Vault on the Track & Field team. Holistic wellness and physical fitness have become a great passion of mine and I feel great joy when I can assist those around me reach their highest potential, especially helping other mom's gain their own strength for motherhood! When I was given the opportunity to become a Stroller Strides and Fit4Baby Instructor in 2013, I jumped at the opportunity!

We are so excited to be back in Chandler, AZ after 3 years and to find not one, but TWO local Fit4Mom franchises. I can't wait to meet new friends, get reacquainted with old friends and continue my journey in motherhood with FIT4MOM!

With wellness and purpose,

My involvement with Fit4Mom started in 2007 when I attended my first class with my then 6 week old daughter, Amira. I went solely for the workout, little did I know what I would truly gain from Stroller Strides. The welcoming environment, the advice on what to do with this new little creature that I had not a clue about, and the many, many friends I made were so much more then I could have asked for. I am so excited to now be able to give this back to all these new moms in Chandler and Gilbert.

In 2003 I graduated from ASU with a Bachelors Degree in Physical Fitness and Wellness. I never quite found exactly what I wanted to do with this degree until joining Stroller Strides. Being able to put my degree to use and at the same time help moms through those first few years of motherhood is incredibly gratifying.

During the summer months I spend all of my days in a pool as a certified Infant Swimming Resource instructor. I am also a Warrant Officer in the Army National Guard where I have served for the last 15 years.

My two girls, Amira, age 7, and Kameron, age 5, grew up attending Stroller Strides every day. I love that they were in an environment that promoted fitness, eating healthy, and forming relationships and I hope to offer this to all Fit4Mom members.